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A Lord of the Rings Online Kinship
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 Our Ruleset

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PostSubject: Our Ruleset   Our Ruleset I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 10:05 am

Our Rules

The following are our ruleset, and to become a member of our Kinship, we expect you to follow and take the rules very serious:

Code of Respect:
- This Basically means we won't tolerate people that can't respect each other and make room for everyone! So control your Ego might be a wise thing. And this also counts in Raids with other Kinships and all sorts of public places.

- Any items, loot, or resources earned through kinship groups or raids will be put into the kinship vaults. Loot items will be given to the Member of the class it will benefit most. The kinship will share all resources and items for mutual benefit, and people will get what they need in the end.
We do not tolerate Ninja looting, Gold farming , etc. if any of this might occur, you will be removed from the Kinship.

Activity and Absence
- Absence from game cannot be avoided. We do understand that real life must come first and accept this. If you tend to leave for some time, we would like to know somehow, let us know through tells, mails, etc.
We expect you to maintain a certain minimum level of activity, logging in and playing your character on a regular basis, and attending
kinship events.

We hope you will follow our small simply rules!


Elanora & Iricine
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Our Ruleset
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